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What To Consider When Buying a New PC or Server For Your Company

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    For many of us, the idea of buying computers or a server for our business can be a daunting proposition. The high tech nature of the purchase that will impact every aspect of your business can make even the most knowledgeable manager worry about how choosing the wrong PC or server can be a costly and damaging mistake.

    Fortunately, there are guidelines to follow when the time comes to upgrade or replace failing equipment. By following these three steps, your purchase should give you the ability to optimize it for your use and long-term service.

    ·       Flexibility

    Modularity and growth-potential are buzzwords to keep in mind when looking for computer equipment. As your company grows, you will want your computers and server to keep pace with the evolution.

    ·       Compatibility

    Replacing your computer or server should not require replacing all of the peripherals and hardware that are currently hooked to the system. The same holds true for software conflicts. If you have built a company using windows based programs, changing to a different operating system will always require additional equipment and software that you may have not taken into account in your initial plan.

    ·       Reputation

    Brand reputation is not something to take lightly. Manufacturers such as HP, Acer and others supply their equipment with great warranties, customer support and service contracts for a reason. You hope that you don’t need to use them, but the peace of mind it brings knowing your equipment has a service contract shouldn’t be underestimated.

    But, choosing the right equipment is only part of the issue. In addition, you will need to have a plan to implement the changes in PC/servers. Not planning ahead can create disastrous consequences for your company.

    ·       Plan ahead

    Remember that your computer needs will evolve over time. Upgraded servers or computers need to be able to evolve with your company.

    ·       Size your system correctly

    Every company has different needs depending on what they use their computers for. Size is not the best gauge of what type of system you need. Usage is a better benchmark.

    ·       Implement and maintain your system

    Installing and maintaining a server is a big job and can require the usage of outside technical experts. You have to plan for the downtime and the results of the change in servers. All your files, on the server and on work computers, should be backed up and all passwords need to be available for the technicians installing permissions.

    When it comes to replacing or updating computers or servers, getting expert technical help like IT Services Cyprus can ensure that your new computer system is exactly what you need and operating at peak efficiency.

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