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    Any business that wishes to leverage the true power of IT services would be wise to invest in personal Server Systems. You will no longer have to depend on a service provider for hosting and you will be easily able to manage your networks with the added benefit of knowing that your private data is housed on a server that you completely control. If you are confused about the server systems to invest in, we can help you make the right choice. Our expertise at providing IT services and support to businesses across the globe has allowed us to work with several different kinds of server systems, and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect setup.

    We offer consultation services to try and help businesses grow faster and become more successful in a short time. We will make sure that your get the perfect IT setup for your business and will help you select and acquire server systems.

    Our experts are going to ensure that your server systems are running at peak capabilities and we will provide regular analysis of your system to help you discover where your systems were lacking and we will help optimize them as well. We will provide installation and setup services to make sure that your business is all set to profit from your investment. We will also provide you round the clock support for your servers so that you get the most out of your investment.

    Find the perfect server systems for your business

    A growing business requires a strong IT setup and we will help you create it. Our experts will help you pick the perfect server systems and they will get it ready for you to ensure maximum efficiency.

    Server Cabinets

    We provide solutions for your server needs whether it is a virtual server or a physical server. We provide server cabinets and server racks that not only contain your servers but also save your space, provide power and cooling to your servers. Our specialized server cabinets ensure silence thus assisting in a no disturbance atmosphere in your organizations and homes.

    Contact us for a brochure of our server cabinets or to have a customized server cabinet designed for you.

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    HP/Dell solutions

    Providing solutions for common and popular HP and Dell devices is an important part of our services. We undertake servicing, repairing, replacing parts, upgrading, updating of HP and Dell devices. We also sell assorted parts of HP and Dell devices. Bring in your HP or Dell device for a quick and efficient upgrade or repair at one of our stores.

    You can also go through our listing services to see which of our HP and Dell services suit your needs the best.

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    Virtualization is one of our core abstract computing platform products. We specialize in virtualization of hardware, operating systems, and virtual machine monitors. These control programs allow you to work faster and easier thus increase your revenues or profits and your presence in the virtual as well as the physical world.

    To know which solution suits your personal and business needs best, browse through our catalogue of products and services or contact us for a personal or customized solution.

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    Disaster Recovery

    Maintenance and continuation of any technological infrastructure are most important in the survival of a business or an organization during the event of a natural or a man-made disaster. Our disaster recovery solutions provide you with concrete policies and procedures to help you and your business survive an unforeseen event.

    Let us help you design and formulate a disaster recovery plan that is meant only for your business and suits all your business needs.

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    We provide our clients and customers with stable server installation. Our teams provide a complete support and maintenance package for your virtual and physical environment.  Our services include server network installation, integrated computer software installation and computer hardware installation. We evaluate and assess your existing installations and recommend needed installations and updates.

    To help you have an edge over your competitors we help you upgrade and update your installations according to the changing times.

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    It is important to maintain and sustain your physical and virtual server and server systems. We provide all types of server support and server care solutions. Our solutions range from update, upgrades to changing or modifying your server racks, to replacing your server and networking cables. Our solutions ensure long term continuity of your servers.

    To know which solution suits your personal and business needs best, browse through our catalogue of products and services or contact us for a personal or customized solution.

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