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Managed Networks

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    A managed network is one of the best ways of integrating IT services into the structure of your business. Let the experts worry about handling the technical aspects of business while you get to focus on what you excel at. When you use our managed networks services, we ensure that you get the best service experience and an uninterrupted work atmosphere. We will take care of building your, network, configuring it and managing the traffic requirements of your company. You will rest easy knowing that no matter what kind of load comes on your networks, it will be able to withstand it thanks to our networking experts.

    We offer attractive plans for our managed networks that include a number of highly popular services. You will be able to pick a package that fulfils all your requirements. Do not pay for managed networks services that offer applications you will never use. Our immense selection of managed networks packages will help you find one that is just right for you. You will get world class networking and security services at unbeatable prices, and with us you will always have the best IT support team in the business at your beck and call.

    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is the trend these days. If you are looking for apt solutions for your hardware, networks, storage, services, and interface problems, you are at the right place. Our services include infrastructure, storage and deliver of software all through the Internet as a complete platform or a separate entity.

    SaaS and Utility computing, MPS, Internet integration, service commerce platforms, web services are all different types of cloud computing services available today.

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    Broadband Re-Seller

    We resell web hosting and resell ADSL as a value added service. We are the best providers in terms of price per dollar which includes an ADSL line, line upgrades, billing system, white labeling, ease of use of the system or top-up customer cap within minutes, cables or DSL, fiber  and T1.

    All our solutions are business to business and business to government.

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    Virtual Private Networks

    We offer vastly secure networks and connections to our clients and customers through our Virtual Private Networks. We connect offices, remote users, and business partners very strongly at reasonable prices. Our VPN solutions provide leading web security along with next-generation remote access technology in order to assist organizations avoid the risk factors of borderless networks.

    We also offer solutions and technologies that allow virtual private networking over public internetworks.

    Keywords: Virtual Private Network, VPN, Remote Users, Remote Office, Borderless Network


    Having only a single security program will not help you protect yourself from a huge number of security threats. If you are looking for a security program that protects you from threats ranging from Trojan horses to hackers you have come to the right place. Our analysts recommend you the best solutions available.

    Our security solutions give you all the business benefits of network security.

    Keywords: IT Security, Security Threats, Network Security

    Wireless Site Surveys

    We provide wirelesssitesurvey is also called an RF sitesurvey or wirelesssurvey. It is the procedure of developing and designing a wireless network in order to deliver a wireless solution that will provide the requisite wireless coverage, network capacity, roaming capabilities, data rates, Quality of Service also known as QoS. 

    The survey regularly comprises of a site visit as an assessment for the RF interface and to list the ideal installation sites for access points.

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    Wireless Mesh Network

    Our Open-Mesh solutions generate extremely low-cost, plugin wireless mesh networks which enable an Internet connection to spread all through a hotel, an office, an apartment, a campus, a café or an entire village. Our open mesh solutions allows for secure positioning and distribution of an outdoor Wi-Fi system. Hence improving employee productivity and user experience.

    Our solutions largely overcome the challenges of environment, physical device security, coverage and Total Cost Ownership or TCO.

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