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Hosted Exchange

    Emails are an essential service and it is hard for most modern businesses to function without it. It allows you to communicate with your colleagues and clients and at the same time keeps an extensive record of all the things you need to do in case you forget. Using a non business email id when you are running a business looks very unprofessional. You also miss out on the opportunity to promote you website anytime someone asks you your email id. To get your business email services, you will need to pay a lot to your web hosting provider and for a company with a fair number of employees, it can get very expensive. Using our hosted Exchange services instead will allow you to acquire multiple business email ids at a great price.

    We provide hosted exchange services which allow you to get multiple email Ids for your domain at low prices. Our services will also be better than the ones your hosting service provides. Our hosted Exchange service uses Microsoft Exchange server to provide you world class email services that work on laptops as well as smart phones.

    With hosted Exchange, you will get a fast and secure business email service that you can check in from anywhere. Our plans for hosted Exchange are affordable and ensure that you can afford them easily. Your email will be delivered to your phone in real time using Microsoft ActiveSync and will ensure that you never miss out on an important alert because you stepped away from your computer for some work.

    Get fast and secure business email services at competitive prices with our Hosted Exchange service

    Get world class business email services at rates you can afford. Check out our Hosted Exchange plans for businessmen like you.

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