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IT Outsourcing and Software Solutions in Cyprus

Posted on April 27, 2015

Technology is an inseparable part of business today. No business can work efficiently without proper usage and management of IT resources. This has caused IT to emerge as an separate department in all kinds of businesses, whether big or small. Being a huge field of application, it demands rigorous intellectual and work input, which can cause maintenance and sustainability problems to businesses which are not big enough, or are newbies in the market. This is where the importance of IT outsourcing steps in.

IT Consultancy Services: Enhance The Efficiency And Profitability Of Your Business

Posted on April 27, 2015

Businesses all around the globe have underwent a revolution after the introduction of information technology. They have changed the way companies plan and process their marketing and management. Companies specialize in IT consultancy, outsourced IT,

Choose the best Cyprus IT Company for IT infrastructure, management and support

Posted on March 26, 2015

Technology is changing all the aspects of life very profoundly; it has now entered deep in to every possible financial and non-financial sector. The advancement in technology has completely revolutionized the way of doing business and in a good way. 

Cloud Security

Posted on January 20, 2014

Merely taking all your data to the cloud is not enough. As a successful businessman, your customers will entrust you with their personal information and banking details which you absolutely cannot afford to lose. While the cloud is considered a safe way of storing information, you cannot afford to get complacent when the security of your customer’s private information is at stake. The first thing you need to do is invest in a reputed cloud security service to secure your company’s and its customers’ information.

We provide complete cloud security services that are compliant with the latest security requirements. We will ensure that your information is fully encrypted using algorithms that have been verified by HIPAA. You will also benefit from audits and logging facilities which will keep a track of everyone who accesses your information. Any suspicious or unusual activity will be flagged and blocked unless you approve it. Investing in our cloud security services will ensure that you get world class security services at affordable prices.

We provide cloud security services that are at par with the world’s best and cost only a fraction of what they charge. We target our services at small and medium business which require comprehensive IT solutions but generally do not have the resources to acquire a dedicated IT setup. You will also benefit from our round the clock support team which will promptly address any queries you have about our cloud security services and will make sure that any issues you are facing get promptly resolved.

Get security services for your business’ cloud platform with our complete cloud security services

Give your cloud based IT services the benefit of military grade encryption and advance security with our amazing cloud security services.

Cloud Storage

Posted on January 20, 2014

Cloud computing is the latest buzz in IT as every company is either taking their services to the cloud or are seriously considering it. Cloud storage is an always online server that can be globally accessed by you. You can upload any information you want to this storage and it will be safe there, waiting for you to access it again. Cloud storage is a useful feature for business who have a lot of vital information that they must always have a backup of. Any information that you store on the cloud will remain safe from any kind of data theft and cannot be deleted accidentally.

There are several advantages of including cloud into your business structure. It provides a certain reliability to you business and assures the client that your business is aware of the latest trends in the market. Your business will benefit from utilizing cloud and your clients will get better service from you. Our cloud storage services are very comprehensive and we will ensure that you get the best services according to your requirements. We will help you find the perfect plan a will deliver world class support.

When you purchase cloud storage from us, you get the best performance at highly affordable prices. Using our cloud storage services, you can let go of a dedicated hardware backup solution since storing your information on cloud will prove to be cheaper. You will also get enhanced security and the ability to access the information from your smartphone.

Take your IT services to the next step by subscribing to our Cloud Storage services

Get your IT services streamlined and ensure that they are always online and functioning at their peak with our global cloud storage services.

Hosted Exchange

Posted on January 20, 2014

Emails are an essential service and it is hard for most modern businesses to function without it. It allows you to communicate with your colleagues and clients and at the same time keeps an extensive record of all the things you need to do in case you forget. Using a non business email id when you are running a business looks very unprofessional. You also miss out on the opportunity to promote you website anytime someone asks you your email id. To get your business email services, you will need to pay a lot to your web hosting provider and for a company with a fair number of employees, it can get very expensive. Using our hosted Exchange services instead will allow you to acquire multiple business email ids at a great price.

We provide hosted exchange services which allow you to get multiple email Ids for your domain at low prices. Our services will also be better than the ones your hosting service provides. Our hosted Exchange service uses Microsoft Exchange server to provide you world class email services that work on laptops as well as smart phones.

With hosted Exchange, you will get a fast and secure business email service that you can check in from anywhere. Our plans for hosted Exchange are affordable and ensure that you can afford them easily. Your email will be delivered to your phone in real time using Microsoft ActiveSync and will ensure that you never miss out on an important alert because you stepped away from your computer for some work.

Get fast and secure business email services at competitive prices with our Hosted Exchange service

Get world class business email services at rates you can afford. Check out our Hosted Exchange plans for businessmen like you.

Virtual office

Posted on January 20, 2014

When you have recently started a new business and are struggling to get your first financier, it can be hard to maintain an office space and employ someone for the sole purpose of answering any calls that come for you. You cannot open an office just about anywhere and for best results you need a location in an upscale business area. A Virtual Office solves this conundrum by providing you with all the essential services that a conventional office has without requiring you to pay the same amount of money.

We provide a comprehensive virtual office setup for our clients, which take care of a number of things that businesses require. You will get a custom mail address for your company which can be used for correspondence purposes as well. You can also request a telephone number for your business which will always be promptly answered on behalf of your company. Our virtual office plan also offers transcribing services for any calls you get so that you can immediately get an email notifying you about who called and what they enquired about.

Work from home and make it look like you have multiple business offices all over the country, and ensure that your clients do not go away because you do not have the proper infrastructure to back your extraordinary skills. Our premium virtual office plans will let you get an overseas mailing address as well. Get your virtual office today and see the noticeable difference that our services make for your business.

Establish an impressive presence in the market with our virtual office services

Do not let the lack of resources hold you back from becoming a successful businessman. Keep up appearances in the market with our virtual office service.

Maintenance Contracts

Posted on January 20, 2014

Running a business is hard work and it helps to be prepared in advance for when things go wrong. If your business relies on IT services a lot, you should consider getting a comprehensive maintenance contract with a reputed IT service provider to ensure that you get timely support if there are any problems with your setup.

IT maintenance contracts are very useful when a company faces problems with their IT services and require prompt action. You pay the support company on a regular basis and they make sure that problems that occur are fixed within a pre agreed time. Our maintenance contracts are the most comprehensive in the world and we ensure that our plans are suitable for all kinds of businesses. Established companies as well as emerging companies will find our maintenance contracts reasonably priced. We provide support for every kind of service and depending on the services that you require, we will gladly create a customised plan for you.

The maintenance contracts that we have created cover a lot of possibilities and you will easily find a plan that is perfect for you. Our professionals will always provide prompt support to you and if you subscribe to our maintenance contracts that provide on-site engineers, then they will always be at your office within the given time. We recognise the importance of prompt IT support when your entire business depends on it. Every minute that your employees are not working is a loss and we will help you keep these downtimes to a minimum.

Go through our comprehensive maintenance contracts and find a plan that is perfect for your business

Get outstanding support whenever you need it. Enlist the services of our capable IT technical support experts for the long term by subscribing to one of our premium maintenance contracts.

Microsoft Certified

Posted on January 20, 2014

Microsoft is without a doubt the world’s leading software development company and has been providing solutions for business and personal use since the first personal computer was made available to the public. They have created dozens of software solutions that have hundreds of versions and when you face a problem with one of these products, it can get hard to find someone who is an expert in the same version of the software that you are using. Every Microsoft software update introduces new features and it is impossible to find someone who is an expert at all the software Microsoft has created.

We provide a simple solution to all your Microsoft related problems. We employ a number of Microsoft certified professionals who will make sure that any problem that you face gets resolved immediately. Microsoft certified professionals are valued everywhere because of their expertise. When you call us, the professionals that answer your calls are not only Microsoft certified, they have also been providing support for Microsoft products for a long time and are experts at resolving any type of issue a user might be facing.

Our IT support services are world class and to ensure that we provide you the best technical assistance every time you contact us with a Microsoft product related problem, we take care to only employ Microsoft certified professionals who are guaranteed to provide you outstanding assistance. Our experts will ensure that your problem gets fixed as quickly as possible.

Find immediate resolution to your problem from our Microsoft Certified professionals

Whenever you face a problem with any Microsoft product, expert help is now just a mouse click away.  Contact our world class IT support services and Microsoft certified professionals will provide you a quick solution to your problems.

MS Exchange, SQL, AD

Posted on January 20, 2014

IT professionals are often required to use several Microsoft products, but the most popular among them are MS Exchange, SQL server and the Active Directory (AD). MS Exchange is used by companies to power their email services which are essential for any company to coordinate tasks effectively. SQL servers are used for hosting websites, private intranets and many other services that require extensive databases. AD on the other hand is an essential feature of Windows Servers and a lot of features of a company’s network depend on it. These software however are not easy to use and you will often find yourself trying to fix them because a deadline is fast approaching and they are not working properly.

We provide support for a number of Microsoft services, and our experts for MS Exchange, SQL server and AD are the best in the business. We provide these support services to small and medium businesses as well as individual professionals. Whenever you face a problem with these software solutions, you can count on us to provide you complete support in a timely manner.

When it comes to dependable remote assistance for MS Exchange, SQL server or AD, there is no one better than our expert. We only employ experts who have been certified by Microsoft as capable of fixing any problem MS Exchange, AD, or SQL servers may face and thanks to their expertise, you will be assured of great technical assistance every time you contact us with an issue.

The best tech support team for Microsoft server tools

When it comes to providing support for Microsoft server tolls like MS Exchange, SQL and AD you can count on our expertise. Once you have experienced our services, we can guarantee that whenever you face any issue with these tools, we will be the first person you call.

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